The TGH Refurbishment Project

A photo diary / blog / record of the total refurbishment of The Royal Society of Chemistry - Cambridge

June 9, 2011 2:50 pm

Preliminaries Aug 2010 - Radiators

Preliminary works began back in Aug 2010 with the replacement of the exisiting TGH radiators and casings


Renovating Radiators

The radiators were 22 years old and so there were a number of suspected issues. We believed that the ‘Formica Casings’ (with added insulation board) around the radiators were stopping generated heat from reaching the office space. We also suspected that heat was escaping out of the structure through gaps, holes and the blockwork. The overall system was thought to be highly inefficient, not very effective and hugely wasteful of energy.


Work was carried out to: 


1. Replace the old radiators with new efficient radiators to last another 25 years

2. remove casings and have the radiators fully exposed for maximum benefit

3. Insulate the blockwork behind the radiators and block any holes.


The Contractors

We used a combination of Kemac builders (Kevin “man in shorts” and Gary) and Munros to do the plumbing work. Generally I have been highly delighted with the

level of their workmanship and with the way they have operated and undertaken such a large and potentially disruptive project whilst maintaining full RSC operations.

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